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I Was There When It Happened

K?t qu? x? s?My first record release was "Won't You Cry For Me" under the name of "The Dawgs."

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Special Thanks To...

Glenn Pitts who discovered this website and contacted me with the name of the mystery bass player (Jimmy Rogers) whose name I could not recall on the early Goldstar sessions.  Glenn was a dancer on the Larry Kane Show for 10 years and Jimmy is Kenny Rogers' nephew--small world!

Chris Bishop from for sending album photos and music.

K?t qu? x? s? David Moir for photo copying many of the record labels and all the old photos.

Audio Credits

"Walk, Think, And Cry"

Bobby - Vocals & Guitar
Gaylan - Vocals & Guitar
Jimmy Rogers - Bass
Fred Arechiga - Drums

Recorded at Goldstar Studios 1965

"Won't You Cry For Me"
"It Belongs To You"

Gaylan - Vocals & Guitar
Bobby - Lead guitar & Background vocals
Jimmy Rogers - Bass
Fred Arechiga - Drums

Recorded at Goldstar Studios 1965

"Come On And Get It"

Single from the double Heather Black Album around 1971.

Jimmy Jones - Bass & Lead Vocal on "Lucille"
Doug Lavery - Drums
Tommy Christian - Lead Guitar
Gaylan Latimer - Guitar & Lead Vocal on "Come On And Get It"
Wayne Brooks - Keyboards

"Repulsive Situation"

Circa 1967-68

Gaylan Ladd and the East Life Transfer

Vernon Womack - Organ
Sammie Piazza - Drums
Tommy Christian - Guitar
Gaylan Latimer - Vocal and Bass

This song was mentioned in the April 2010 Texas Monthly Magazine article "3 Chords And A Station Wagon."

"Master Nichols"
"She's My Woman"
"Walking Back To Waco"
"Harris County Jail"
"Cajun Blue"
"California Dreaming"

The original Heather Black members;

Mickey Sharp - Drums
Ted Richardson - Bass
Tommy Christian - Lead Guitar
Gaylan Latimer - Vocals and Guitar

"I Love"

Chuck Harding And The Confederates

Tommy Christian - Lead Guitar on "Sidewinder"
Oneda Harding - Vocal on "I Love"

"Something Is Strange"

The Silvertones

Recorded at Chuck Hardings store/studio on North 19th Street in Waco circa 1966-67.
The studio was in the back of the store.

"Shoot Your Best Shot"

The players:

Jim Fulton - Lead Guitar and Co-Writer on Hitman
Winn Landreth - Lead Guitar
Guy Schwartz - Bass
?? - Drums

"Sweetheart" - written by Gaylan Latimer

Band members:

Kenny Cordray - Lead Guitar
Clay Hemphill - Keyboards
Norvell Holmes - Drums/Background Vocals
Gaylan Latimer - Vocals

"Avenue" - Written by Gaylan Latimer

Norvell Holmes - Drums/Background Vocals
Clay Hemphill - Keyboards
Bill Rowe - Bass
Kenny Cordray - Guitar
Larry Slazack - Saxaphone
Becky Williams - Background Vocals
Tamara Chaplin - Background Vocals
Galan Latimer - Vocals

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